BMW car rental

BMW car rental

BMW cars don't really need an introduction because it's one of the most well-known and popular brands in the world, and of course in Lithuania. These cars stand alongside Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar, and others. Everyone knows BMW cars, even people who are only slightly interested in cars.

The beginning of BMW's history should be considered as 1916, when the "Bayerische Flugzeugwerke" company was founded, which produced engines for airplanes. Soon the BMW ("Bavarian Motor Works") company was established, which produced engines for motorcycles, and later began manufacturing motorcycles themselves. In 1923, in Munich, BMW produced its first motorcycle, the "BMW R 32". Later, BMW began to engage in the automotive business. In 1928, BMW acquired an automobile factory in Eisenach, Thuringia, along with a license to manufacture small "Dixi" cars. A little later, the first original BMW models appeared: the sporty 326 and 328 cars, later joined by the 335. Particularly successful was the BMW 328, which at the time was perhaps the best sports car in the 2-liter class in Europe. In 1941, automobile production was temporarily suspended. From 1929, about 80,000 BMW cars were produced. After the war, victorious countries banned BMW's activities for three years because the company was involved in rocket and aviation engine design. Therefore, it was only in 1951 that BMW produced its first post-war car, the 501. The following year, it began to be mass-produced, but experienced financial failure. In 1955, the "Isetta" began an extremely small series of BMW cars. However, with new BMW models, they could not stand on their feet, and in 1959, after an unsuccessful attempt to enter the limousine sector, they were preparing to sell BMW. The company was saved from bankruptcy by small shareholders, workers, and distributors.

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The 700th model is the first commercially successful series-produced BMW car. After three years, the 1500th model established the BMW design concept. It was the predecessor of a new class of sporty compact cars. Thus, after a hiatus of approximately two decades, BMW bounced back and began to expand rapidly and regain its pre-war positions. In 1966, BMW took further successful steps, debuting a two-door version of the 1600 car, which became the basis for the 3 Series cars. In 1972, the first 5 Series car was produced for the Munich Olympic Games. The 5 Series remains the most successful BMW car, accounting for about a quarter of all BMW sales to this day.

Today, BMW has greatly expanded its range of cars, from small 1-series cars to X-series SUVs or Z-series convertibles. People who love cars often choose these cars not only for purchase but also for rental. Taking into account the needs and desires of our clients, we always expand our fleet to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, we can offer BMW X5 rental at a good price. Designed to focus on prestige, safety, and driving pleasure, the car's grandeur, originality, and completely distinctive design must not be forgotten - BMW was the first of the classic car manufacturers to enter the SUV class. Available with all-wheel drive and diesel or gasoline engines, this car is truly reliable. As you know, there is now the fourth generation of X5 models in production, made with the latest technology and utilizing lessons learned from past models, it boasts only the best features. Renting a top-quality BMW car is a popular choice among our clients. When planning a trip, you want to feel comfortable on the road, safe while traveling, and enjoy driving - this is an excellent choice. BMW rental in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, and of course at Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga airports.

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Vehicle information:
• BMW X5;
• Prestigious class;
• 4 doors;
• 5 seats;
• 3 suitcases;
• GPS navigation;
• Automatic transmission;
• Fuel – diesel;
• Air conditioning;
• Fuel consumption: 5.6 l./100 km.




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