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Since its inception, Dacia's mission has been to give the widest possible range of people the opportunity to purchase a new car - reliable and equipped with all the essential equipment. Over time, Dacia brand cars have evolved, adapted to customer needs, but remained affordable in terms of price and quality. In Lithuania, many people heard about Dacia cars for the first time only when this brand introduced the Logan model, but this brand has a much longer and more interesting history. The first Dacia car factory was built in Romania in the mid-1960s, with a very clear goal: to offer all Romanians modern, reliable and economical cars. The name Dacia is the name of the ancient area that covered the current territory of Romania, and is associated with the old name of Romania - Dakija.

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The first Dacia car ever created

The first Dacia 1100 model rolled off the assembly line in 1968 and was produced until 1971. It was a 4-door sedan with a 4-cylinder water-cooled engine. The car reached 133 km/h. speed, 100 km used 6.8 liters of fuel on the road. A limited edition Dacia 1100S was produced especially for racing. In 1969 the sedan Dacia 1300 appeared. The car could already reach 144 km/h. speed, 100 km used 9.4 liters of fuel on the road. The latter car quickly became popular. Since 1970 Dacia 1300 was produced in three versions: 1300 - Standard, Super and 1301. In 1973 Dacia 1300 Break appeared. Later the Dacia 1302 pickup truck appeared. Interestingly, the car was constantly exported to South America, Great Britain, Canada and other countries. The Dacia 1310 was used as the basis for the sedan Dacia 1320 CN1, which appeared in 1988, followed by the 1320, 1325 Liberta. In 1997 the Dacia D33 prototype was presented, the design of which was taken care of by the Italians from IDEA Torino. Soon the sedan Dacia Nova appeared on the market.

When the company Dacia in 1999 acquired Renault, a big step towards modernization was taken. A particularly big breakthrough has been achieved in the field of production. Dacia became a brand of the Renault group. In 2000 appeared "Dacia SupeR Nova", which had a 1.4 l engine and a Renault Clio gearbox. In 2004 buyers could purchase a much more modern model and one that showed good sales results - Logan. In 2007 Dacia - Sandero was introduced. In 2010 followed by the presentation of the SUV Duster, and now a new success story awaits - the electric Dacia Spring.

The ingenious and practical DACIA DOKKER helps to simplify everyday life at work. The benefit of the rear sliding doors is obvious when the car needs to be loaded, it also makes it easier to access the rear seats. The ingeniously thought-out interior is full of convenient storage. The rear seat, divided into 1/3 and 2/3 parts, folds to an upright position, so it is easy to change the 5-seat configuration to a 4, 3 or 2-seat configuration if necessary. Delight your employees with capacity, simplicity and everything you need to make your trip safe. Enjoy complete peace of mind with DACIA DOKKER, because this car has an ABS system with emergency braking system, 4 airbags, electronic stability control system (ESC) You have many options in front of you!

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Dacia Dokker Rent:

• Commercial class;
• 4 doors;
• 5 seats;
• 4 suitcases;
• Manual transmission;
• Fuel – diesel;
• Air conditioning;
• Fuel consumption: 4.5 l./100 km.




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