Car leasing services for business

Car leasing services for business is an excellent solution for companies that want to distance themselves from outside activities and focus only on their direct activities. Renting a car is the way to reliable car operation and efficient fleet management. Such a path is the path of a practical company manager who thinks about innovation and the full concentration of his team on their direct work, not on car maintenance.

Not only in western countries, but also in Lithuania, this becomes a necessity for a company that does not have the necessary base to maintain and service cars.

EURORENTA is one of the companies in Lithuania that also offers operational rental services under very good conditions.

This is a great opportunity for companies that helps them plan their money and time, leaving unnecessary worries to EURORENTA employees. Each customer chooses both the car and the equipment of the chosen car. At the customer's request, such conditions are created that during the rental period, only fuel and window washer fluid must be replenished.

By using the operational rental service, you will have 24-hour assistance on the road throughout Lithuania and the European Union, and during car repairs, you will have a replacement car.

EURORENTA experience ensures the appropriate quality of car rental and maintenance services.

Car leasing services for business  | Eurorenta.lt

Advantages of renting an activity:

  1. A fixed rent payment is paid. This is a great opportunity for anyone planning their expenses;
  2. The car rental amount is written off to the company's operating expenses;
  3. Your company does not need to keep records of depreciation of fixed assets;
  4. Administration of car insurance and insurance events is the concern of EURORENTA;
  5. You don't need to take care of cars yourself, i.e. there is no need to take care of warranty and post-warranty technical services, repairs, it is not necessary to hire additional employees for this purpose - this is EURORENTA's concern;
  6. 100 percent concentration of your employees in the performance of direct duties;

Basic operating lease conditions:

If you want to plan your car expenses every month, we can offer you a long-term car rental. You will pay a fixed, predetermined amount of money for the car each month. You won't have to worry about:

  1. Car registration procedures;
  2. State technical inspection;
  3. Technical services;
  4. Repair works;
  5. Insurance issues, and in the event of an insurance event - also in issues of damage regulation and administration;
  6. Searching for a replacement car in the event of insurance events or simply during repairs;
  7. Regarding storage and replacement of seasonal tires;
  8. Other unforeseen works.

Car leasing services:

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