In this privacy policy we will:



Manager of your personal data is JSC “Autoblikas” (hereinafter – EURORENTA), company code 141673147, address: 14 Sandeliu str. LT-95107, Klaipeda, contact telephone No +370686 00611, e-mail address:, website: (hereinafter – website).


Hereby we inform that when using EURORENTA website and/or reservation system and / or the provided by EURORENTA services and providing to EURORENTA information about yourself, you agree with the provisions of this Privacy policy (except data arrangement actions, for which an individual consent of data subject is required, for example, in order to improve our experience, we would use the information obtained on the basis of a consent when presenting the provided by us services and actions, sharing our exceptional proposals, sending EURORENTA and/or other news about cars rent and/or roads traffic rules change or when asking for your opinion about the quality of the provided services).


Privacy policy is prepared by following Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679, dated April 27, 2016 regarding natural persons protection when managing personal data and regarding free movement of such data, by which a Directive 95/46/EB (General data protection regulation (hereinafter – GDPR) is cancelled, law on legal personal data protection of the Republic of Lithuania, law on electronic communication of the Republic of Lithuania and other directly applied legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, regulating management and protection of personal data, and meets the stated in them requirements.


We care about your privacy and personal data safety. When implementing GDPR, we ensure you particularly fair and honest management of your personal data.


In this privacy policy, you can find out about your rights and information about management of your personal data.


It is essential that you read this privacy policy carefully, since the stipulated in it conditions are applied each time you make car reservation on a website and conclude rent agreement. Please regularly read actual version of this document, since the content of it may change in the future. Renewals of Privacy policy are publicized in EURORENTA website.





Hereby we provide main terms, used in a Privacy policy:



Other terms are interpreted in the way they are defined in the indicated earlier legislation.





Main personal data protection management principles:


1.1. to manage personal data in legal, honest and fair way (principle of legitimacy, honesty and fairness);


1.2 to gather personal data on the determined, clearly defined and legal purposes and do not manage them further in an incompatible with those purposes way (principle of purpose limitation);


1.3. to ensure that the managed personal data is adequate, suitable and needed only for the achievement of goals, for which they are managed (principle of data quantity reduction);


1.4. to ensure that personal data is exact and renewed at the necessity; to take up all reasoned measures in order to ensure the personal data, which is exact, by considering the goals of their management, is immediately deleted or corrected (principle of accuracy);


1.5. to keep personal data in a form that data subjects identity could be determined for no longer than it is necessary for purposes, for which personal data is managed (principle of safety duration limitation);


1.6. To manage personal data in the way suitable personal data safety is assured when applying relevant technical or organizational measures, including protection from data management without a consent or illegal data management and from its unintentional loss, destruction or damage (principle of integrity and confidentiality).





Only personal data, which is needed when achieving of goals regarding which it is managed, is gathered and managed in EURORENTA.


Name of data

Gathered and managed personal data

Order information

During car order, we request to indicate your name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address. This information helps us to process the performed by your reservation, to contact you in case any questions with the made by your reservation arise as well as to send you an electronic confirmation regarding car order, which you made. In case during car order you chose an option “pay now”, the system will request you to choose payment method and enter data, necessary for proper payment completion.

Registration data and information about your account on our website

Obligatory registration data

E-mail address

Alternative (provided by you voluntarily) data

Name, surname, personal code, number of driving license, issue and expiry dates, personal document number and date of expiry, date of birth, telephone number, flight number, residential address, payment card owner, card number, date of expiry and CVC number.

When creating an account in our website, you can provide additional personal data, which is not obligatory for the use of a website and car reservation.

Rent contract data

Data, indicated in the contract during car rent contract conclusion:

1. Main personal data (e.g., name, surname, personal code, date of birth, driving license number, issue and expiry dates, personal document number and date of expiry);

2. Contact data (e.g., telephone number, e-mail address, residential address);

3. Contract data (e.g., information about the rented car, place and time of car taking and return, additional services and equipment selected, other additional conditions and information);

4. Financial data (e.g., credit card data, rent, additional services and equipment prices);

5. Third persons data (e.g., data of the second driver).

Cookies data

When visiting our website, information can be stored in your computer in a form of “cookies”. A cookie is a small text file, stored in your browser and enabling it to remember information among websites and browsing sessions. When you visit our website, they enable to remember each part of your order, personal data and provide a suitable content according to the set options and trip plans. They also help to understand user‘s behaviour on our website, and this means that we can improve the quality of your visit in our website. Cookies separate only those parts of a text, which are always anonymous and encoded; any personal information is stored in EURORENTA cookies.

Below are given the used on a website cookies:

- Visit cookies are temporary and deleted autonomously as soon as you leave our website. These cookies are necessary in order to keep sequence during your visit, for example, to ensure that requests entered or other information which you entered during your reservation request is memorized during the entire duration of your session.

- Permanent cookies remain in a hard drive of a computer until you delete them. We do not use cookies in order to gather information about your visits in other websites or to find out any your personal information, except information, which you voluntary present during your visit in our website. Cookies do not interfere and damage your files, programs or computer itself.

- Analytic cookies (observation cookies from Google Analytics), which help to improve the operation of a website. These cookies enable EURORENTA to recognize and calculate visitors of a website and observe, how the visitors navigate on a website when using it. Google Analytics tool is provided by the company “Google Inc.” (USA company), thus, it also has an access to statistical data gathered by using this tool. “Google Inc.” is obliged to apply the principles of the EU-USA Privacy shield, which ensure that services provider meets the requirements of the EU privacy standards. This supplier is also applied contractual obligations in order to ensure privacy. Privacy politics is presented at address:

- Necessary cookies are cookies, necessary for proper operation of a website. They enable the use of certain functions of a website, for example, connect safely to the established on a website Self-service. A website will not operate properly without these cookies.

Cookies are installed in your equipment only under your consent, except cookies which are exclusively necessary for the assurance of technical operation of a website. You have a possibility to agree regarding use of cookies or to refuse them. If you decide to refuse cookies, it is possible that you will not be able to use some functions of a website. If you agree with the use of cookies, you will have a possibility to delete any time such accepted cookies. If you chose to delete cookies, please note that all set options will be also deleted. Besides, having fully blocked cookies, many websites (including our website) will not operate properly or browsing on a website will not operate at all. Due to these reasons, we do not recommend to turn off cookies when you use our website.

Other data

Our and your communication history, properly unfinished (“left”) reservation data, reservations history, payments history. In case of accident or car damage or in case of similar incidents, we manage data related to the sequence of relevant events and damage made (this data may be provided by clients, aggrieved parties, authorities, insurance companies and other persons). Data, managed under such circumstances, may include data related to health state, such as information about injuries, amount of alcohol in blood and similar data. Besides, by considering services provided to a website, additional your personal data related to your use of a website can be gathered.





3.1. We do not gather the history of your browsing on websites of the third persons and do not store it;


3.2. We do not transfer any data about your browsing on our website, from which your identity can be determined.





We gather your personal data only for the determined, clearly defined and legal purposes and do not later manage them in incompatible with those purposes way:


4.1. On the purpose of car reservation, car rent agreement conclusion and implementation. In order to perform your reservations and facilitate conclusion and management of rent agreements, we manage your main, contact, agreement, financial and any voluntary provided data.


4.2. We use your personal data on the purposes of clients service, for example, for the investigation of any claims or implementation of reservations changes regarding which you contacted us.


4.3. On purposes of criminal actions prevention and investigations performed by authorities.


4.4. We also use your personal data for your and EURORENTA safety assurance, for example, to avoid payment obligations default and prevent from crimes related to property (especially fraud, theft and plunder).


4.5. In case damage to the car occurred due to your or other person‘s fault or you or other person experienced accident with EURORENTA car, we manage your personal data and (if necessary) data related to health state on the following purposes: claims reception and management; clients service in case of damage; claims settlement; damage determining in case of accident (determining on the basis of information provided by you or third persons). We manage your personal data on purpose to implement legal obligations (information provision to investigation performing institutions), to provide information to insurance companies. In case of damage and / or accidents in the third country we send your personal data to competent institutions and insurance companies of such third country. Transfer of your data to the third party is based on the decision of the European Commission regarding suitability.


In case competent institutions suspect that you have committed an administration offense or criminal activity when using one of EURORENTA cars, we will manage not only provided by your personal data, but also data, which were transferred to us by competent institutions.


4.6. We manage your main, contact and contract data as well as any voluntarily provided data in order to optimize own processes and suggested services.


4.7. When both parties fulfil their obligations according to rent agreement, your main, financial and contract data is stored until the stipulated by the laws storage period ends.





5.1. Item b of Part 1 of Article 6 of GDPR is applied for data management to the extent it is necessary in order to perform reservations, conclude and implement contracts as well as on purposes of relations with clients maintenance, claims management, clients service in case of damage and on purposes of damage made during the accident assessment.


5.2. Item f of Part 1 of Article 6 of GDPR is applied for data management to the extent it is necessary in order to pay to the third persons, to state claims and reduce risks, prevent fraud and to adjust and evaluate any claims, which we may state to you and manage claims related to administration offenses.


5.3. Item c of Part 1 of Article 6 of GDPR is applied for data management to the extent it is necessary in order to detect, prevent and investigate criminal activities, check and store data of a driving license, to follow the stipulated in commercial and taxes laws storage periods and assess damage made during the accident.




6.1. Personal data is transferred only to the third parties and only to necessary extent:


6.1.1. Law enforcement institutions in the predetermined by legislation of the Republic of Lithuania order;

6.1.2. Authorities and courts, when such obligation provide applicable legislation.


6.2. Hereby we inform that your personal data can be transferred outside the boundaries of the European Union. Your personal data is transferred outside the EU only under legal requirements of other states Law Enforcement institutions.





At the moment we have the following accounts in social media measures:


7.1. “Facebook” - Privacy policy is provided at address:;


7.2. “Instagram” - Privacy policy is provided at address:


If you have any questions about how third parties use your personal data, we recommend to read privacy notifications of the third parties and contact directly services providers.





Your personal data is stored for a period of time which is necessary for the implementation of a car rent contract, but for not less than this is obliged by us to do legislation regulating our activity. Your personal data, which is managed after you gave a consent for such personal data management, is managed and stored till the day of your consent cancellation.





You are entitled to read the managed by us your personal data (Article 15 of GDPR). If you noticed that your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you may change or specify them (Article 15 of GDPR). You may read your managed personal data in the following ways:


9.1. By sending us a request by e-mail:;


9.2. By informing us by telephone: +370686 00611;


9.3. By visiting our head office, address: 2 Sukileliu str., Klaipeda or to our Vilnius office at address: 2 Rodunios road, Vilnius.





10.1. You are entitled to request that we do not manage your personal data and cancel it. Your personal data will be cancelled after we receive your request (Article 17 of GDPR).


10.2. Unfortunately, your personal data will not be cancelled from our database, if we, having received your request, determine the following:


10.2.1. your personal data is necessary for the achievement of goals for which they were gathered or manage;


10.2.2. you have not cancelled your consent regarding your personal data management;


10.2.3. you did not agree with your personal data management, however, such data management is necessary for our legal interests;


10.2.4. we are obliged to manage your personal by applicable the European Union and national legislation.


10.2.5. we must manage your data because of legal requirements statement, implementation or defence.


10.3. You may submit a request regarding your personal data cancellation in the following ways:


10.3.1. In your personal account;


10.3.2. By sending us a request by e-mail:;


10.3.3. By informing us by telephone: +370686 00611;


10.3.4. By visiting our head office, address: 2 Sukileliu str., Klaipeda or to our Vilnius office at address: 2 Rodunios road, Vilnius.





11.1. You are entitled to limit to us a possibility to manage your personal data (Article 18 of GDPR). In case you limit your personal data management, we will not perform any actions with your personal data, except storage of personal data. You can limit management of personal data under at least one of the following circumstances:


11.1.1. Your personal data is inaccurate (Actions of personal data management in this case will be limited till check of data accuracy);


11.1.2. Your personal data is managed illegally, however, you do not agree with the cancellation of your data;


11.1.3. Your personal data is necessary in order to state, implement or defend legal requirements;


11.1.4. Your personal data is managed if you contradict regarding such personal data management (Data management will be limited on this basis until it will be checked, if the reasons, due to which we manage your personal data, are superior than yours).


11.2. You can limit the management of your personal data in the intended in Item 10.3 ways.





EURORENTA ensures that your personal data will remain confidential and will not be used for other purposes, except for selection process.


12.1. If, by following the publicized in EURORENTA website or posted in a specialized website intended for employees selection and job search advertisement regarding selection to a particular work place, you sent a CV (Curriculum Vitae), a cover letter, recommendations and/or other documents or data, the provided by you voluntarily and other listed below personal data will be managed on the purpose of employees selection. On the purpose of candidates to a work place data base administration, EURORENTA manages the following data: name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, place of residence (address), education, foreign languages knowledge, desired work, desired salary, personal features, work experience: the last work place, work experience in a work place, position taken, other work experience; other information provided in a Curriculum Vitae, recommendations and / or cover letter.


12.2. Your personal data will be managed until the end of selection, i. e. a decision will be made to employ a particular candidate, his trial period will expire or it will be decided to finish selection having not selected any candidate. This period should not exceed 12 months. Your data will be demolished after the end of selection, unless you will give a consent for further data storage for future selections. s. Having received your consent, your personal data will be stored for 5 years and you will be contacted if a need for a new employee occurs during this period. With the expiry of 5 years term, your personal data will be demolished, unless other basis for management intended in the legislation occurs.


12.3. If you provide to us your personal data voluntarily having not announced a selection, we will store this data on the purpose of candidates data base administration for 5 years.


12.4. Please note that in case you clearly express an advanced consent, your previous employers may be contacted and opinion about your qualification, professional skills and characteristics requested.





13.1. You are entitled to cancel the given consent any time. Cancellation of a consent does not make any influence to the legality of data management based on a consent, given till cancellation of a consent.


13.2. You are entitled to disagree without any limitations any time with management of your personal data on the purposes of direct marketing.


13.3. If, according to you, your rights are violated, you are entitled to contact us in writing regarding the defence of your rights:


13.3.1 By sending us a request by e-mail:;


13.3.2. By informing us by telephone: +370686 00611;


13.3.3. By visiting our head office, address: 2 Sukileliu str., Klaipeda or to our Vilnius office at address: 2 Rodunios road, Vilnius.


13.4. We will answer you in writing to the received requests, claims or requirements and will try to provide you information as soon as possible, however, at least in 30 (thirty) days from reception of your request. In exceptional cases, this term, having informed you, may be prolonged for 30 (thirty) days more.


13.5. If you have claims regarding the way your personal data is managed, you are also entitled to appeal to State Personal Data Protection Inspectorate (





14.1. EURORENTA is entitled to partially or fully change Privacy policy, by announcing this on a website. Such renewed or changed Privacy policy will become effective from the day of its announcement in our website.


14.2. If you do not agree with the new Privacy policy edition, you are entitled not to agree with it, by sending a request by e-mail: or by visiting our head office at address: 2 Sukileliu str., Klaipeda or our Vilnius Division at address: 2 Rodunios road, Vilnius.


14.3. If after Privacy policy renewal or change you will continue using EURORENTA car rent online reservation services, it will be considered that you agree with a new edition.


14.4. Please pay attention to the date “Date of renewal”, which is indicated below in order to find out, when Privacy policy was renewed the last time.



Date of renewal: 30-04-2019.


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