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EuroRenta strives to be a convenient choice for customers, so it is always looking for innovative solutions. We present to you the new service - take and drive service. You click on the car of your choice on your mobile device or computer and use the car according to your needs. Car rental has never been so fast, simple and convenient.


EuroRentos cars are equipped with remote unlocking/locking systems, which made renting a car even easier.

New service, take and drive service | EuroRenta


Take and drive, how it works?


  1. You reserve a car on our website or contact our managers regarding car rental (contacts);
  2. Sign the prepared car rental contract remotely. This can be done by signing with an electronic signature or by printing the contract, signing and sending it to us;
  3. You pay for the car rental service and the car will be waiting for you at the agreed time at the agreed place;
  4. To pick up the car, you will call our managers and they will unlock the car remotely. Inside the car, you will find the car key, car documents and the rental agreement if you booked the car in advance;
  5. To return the car, leave the documents and the car key in the cabin, contact our managers and the car will be locked without contact;


This is a great solution for you, because you can pick up/drop off the car at a place convenient for you and at any time of the day. You can rent a car quickly, comfortably and without contact. Save your time by using this service, because renting a car has never been easier.




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