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EuroRenta offers a selection from these car groups: mini, economy, compact, intermediate, commercial, luxury, vans, convertibles, SUVs, minibusses. All cars are well-maintained, with manual or automatic transmission.

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The minimum car rental period is 1 day (24 hours). You can rent a car from 1 day up to 36 months (long-term rental conditions apply for rentals longer than 2 months). We understand that delays happen, so we allow our customers to return the car up to 1 hour late without extra charge. If the car is returned more than 1 hour late, an additional day is charged.



During the reservation, you reserve a car category, not a specific car model, but in all cases, we strive to ensure and rent out the specific car you choose. If we cannot fulfill your request, you will always be provided with a car from the same or higher category at the price of your reservation. After making a reservation on our website, you will receive an email confirming the reservation. Please note that you should also receive an email from us confirming the reservation. Until you receive this email or our staff contacts you by phone or email, the reservation is not confirmed, and the car is not reserved for you. You will always receive information about the reservation confirmation within 24 hours of making the reservation. When specifying the car pickup date as the reservation date, for this reservation, we recommend contacting us by phone +370 686 00611.




The difference in car rental prices depends on the selected service package: ECO package or PREMIUM package. Read about these rental packages, their differences, and included services here. Car rental prices are specified per day (a day is counted as 24 hours from the beginning of car pickup). EuroRenta reserves the right to change the car rental price for those reservations that are not confirmed without separate notice. The rental prices for confirmed reservations are final, with no hidden fees.



Payment methods:

When booking a car on our website, you can choose between two payment methods: "Pay now" and "Pay at pickup." By choosing "Pay now," you will receive a 10 percent discount on the total car rental amount with additional service and equipment. Clicking "Pay now" will redirect you to the Paysera payment platform where you can make the payment. By choosing "Pay at pickup," you do not need to make a payment for the rental during the reservation, and you can do so when you arrive at the car pickup location.



The customer's personal liability (franchise) is reserved on the customer's bank card (credit card / VISA or MASTERCARD). The reserved amount (franchise) is the customer's personal liability equal to the amount in cases of theft, traffic accidents, or third-party actions (A traffic accident is considered insurable only if the customer submits a traffic accident report and/or a police statement about the traffic accident). If the customer is responsible for the incurred losses or no responsible person for the incurred losses is found and the insurance company does not compensate for the losses to the car, the customer must compensate for the damage, direct and indirect losses, lost income, and other related expenses. In case of car theft, the customer must provide the car keys and car documents. Otherwise, the customer must compensate for the damage. Other non-insurable events include vandalism, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances, leaving the scene of a traffic accident. If the customer damages or destroys the car, the rental fee for unused days is not refunded.

Car rental agreement | Eurorenta

When choosing the ECO package, the reserved amount is 800 EUR, and when choosing the PREMIUM package, it is 500 EUR. For an additional fee, you can choose additional insurance and reduce your liability as a customer to 300 EUR, 100 EUR, or 0 EUR. The fee for reducing customer liability depends on the car class and rental period. It should be noted that when choosing full insurance with a 0 EUR franchise, 50 EUR is still reserved on the customer's bank card, which is reserved in case of fuel shortage or lost car keys after the rental. Full insurance with a 0 EUR franchise does not cover damage to car windows, lights, and tires, so it is necessary to additionally select insurance for car windows, lights, and tires. The reserved amount is refunded to the customer after the end of the rental if the car is in good condition, no new damages have occurred, and the car has a full fuel tank. Please note that the reserved amount on the bank card can be held for up to 21 days, starting from the reservation day. The reservation period depends on the customer's bank, which has issued the payment card.



Before renting a car, the customer must present a valid passport or identity card and a driver's license. Copies of these documents are attached to the car rental agreement. All persons aged 18 and over can rent a car. There are no additional requirements for driving experience, but additional fees may apply to young drivers and drivers with less than 3 years of experience. Only the person who signs the rental agreement can drive the rented car. All other persons can drive the car only if they are included in the agreement as additional drivers. In any case, the main driver who signed the car rental agreement is responsible for the car. An additional fee may be charged for additional drivers.

If a legal entity rents a car, it is mandatory to present the company's registration certificate, authorization allowing representation of the legal entity and car rental, and a B category driver's license. It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages and/or psychotropic substances, smoke, transport large cargoes, tow other vehicles without complying with safety and vehicle operation requirements, and participate in sports car events in EuroRenta cars.



The car can be picked up and returned at our Klaipeda central office, Vilnius branch, or at Palanga, Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn airports. The car can also be delivered to the specified address in Klaipeda, Palanga, Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga, or Tallinn. Pickup and return of the car at the Klaipeda central office, Vilnius branch, or Vilnius airport from 09:00 to 18:00 is free of charge. To pick up or return the car from 18:00 to 09:00 at the Klaipeda central office, Vilnius branch, Vilnius airport, or at any other specified address at any time of the day, additional fees apply for car delivery to the specified address and/or for services outside working hours. If the car is returned before or after business hours, the customer is responsible for the car until the EuroRenta staff confirms the car inspection after the rental. The customer must return the car in the same technical condition and equipment as it was rented. The car can be rented at any time (24/7).

Car rental pickup | Eurorenta



If the car is returned earlier than the time specified in the agreement, the rental fee is not refunded (upon customer's request, the unused balance can be used during the next rental within a 12-month period).



The customer has the option to change their reservation online - no later than 24 hours before the start of the rental, or at any time before the start of the rental - by phone +370 686 00611. The following restrictions apply to customer reservation changes: a) if changing the reservation increases the price for rental services above the nominal value of the customer's "voucher," the customer will have to pay the price difference during the reservation change; b) if the changed reservation amount is lower than the nominal "voucher" value, the difference WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.



There is no cancellation fee if the reservation is canceled more than 7 days before the start of the rental.

If the reservation is canceled 3-7 days before the expected start time of the rental, a cancellation fee of 30 EUR is applied to the customer, but not less than bank fees applied for transferring money to the EuroRenta account and refunding to the customer.

If the reservation is canceled 1-3 days before the expected start time of the rental, the customer will receive a refund of 50% of the "voucher" amount, i.e., half of the paid amount.

If the reservation is canceled less than 24 hours before the rental period or at the scheduled time (car rental date and time), and the customer does not show up to rent the car, the money for the prepaid reservation is not refunded. If the customer does not show up to rent the car at the time specified in the reservation, the customer's reservation expires 2 hours after the reservation time.



EuroRenta provides a replacement car if technical malfunctions, other damages, or accidents occur during the rental period within the territory of Lithuania, which are not the customer's fault. EuroRenta undertakes to provide technical assistance and/or a replacement car as soon as possible. In case of car breakdown or the need for technical assistance, customers can contact EuroRenta staff by phone +370 686 00611 at any time (24/7). Choosing the additional service of roadside assistance in the Baltic States or other EU countries ensures comprehensive assistance to the customer. In other cases, a replacement car is not provided, and all expenses for transporting the car to the EuroRenta headquarters are borne by the customer.



All EuroRenta cars are equipped with basic equipment, including AM/FM/MP3 players, air conditioners, airbags, central locking. For an additional fee, child seats with ISOFIX and without, GPS navigation, or WiFi modems can be purchased, more information here.



A customer planning to travel abroad, i.e., cross the borders of the Republic of Lithuania, must inform EuroRenta staff before signing the car rental agreement. Additional restrictions and/or additional fees may apply in some foreign countries.

Car rental for trips abroad | Eurorenta


All EuroRenta rental cars are provided with a full tank of fuel. Customers are also required to return the car with a full tank of fuel unless they have chosen the "Full tank" service. If the car is returned without a full tank of fuel, the customer must pay for the refueled amount and an additional refueling fee.



Customers bear full responsibility for traffic rule violations, unpaid parking, and other legal violations related to improper car operation during the rental period. Upon receipt of a report of traffic violations or other offenses, EuroRenta customer data is transferred to the police and/or other responsible authorities. Additionally, an administrative fee is charged for each violation administration.



If the customer's reserved car breaks down, is involved in a traffic accident, or other unforeseen circumstances related to car operation occur, EuroRenta has the right to cancel the car reservation, after informing the customer by email or phone.



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