Toyota Corolla SD operating lease

Toyta Yaris ilgalaikÄ— nuoma



Toyota Corolla SD 1.2 Turbo Active



Business rental price:

Period Business rental
price, EUR/month
12 months 432,-
24 months 418,-
36 months 392,-


Technical data:

Power and consumption:  
Power kW 90
Power HP 122
Fuel type Petrol E5
Average fuel consumption 5,6 l/100 km
Efficiency class B
CO2 emissions 129-139 g/km


Technical specification:

Year of manufacture 2021
Number of doors 4
Number of seats 5
Transmission Automat
Drive wheels Front


The service, business rental price for 12, 24, 36-month terms includes:

  1. Car rental fee;
  2. Technical warranty and post-warranty scheduled maintenance;
  3. Car insurance services (customer liability up to 500,-EUR);
  4. Seasonal tires, their replacement, storage;
  5. Expected mileage 2'500,- km/month;
  6. Invoice administration;
  7. VAT tax.


  1. The offer is valid until 2024-06-30



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